A recording of the panel discussion “Safeguarding + Activating Digital Video Information in Cultural Institutions” is now available on the ARLIS/NA Learning Portal:

Safeguarding and Activating Digital Video Information in Cultural Institutions

This event was co-organized by NDSR Art and the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO).

Review Article: “Ways of Curating” (Feb 2019)

If you are interested, my review of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s “Ways of Curating” multimedia site is now published on the ARLIS/NA website:

Review: Ways of Curating (Feb 2019)

Rachel M. Ward
National Digital Stewardship Resident (NDSR Art) at Small Data Industries
Ph.D. Candidate in Interactive Arts & Technology

“Ways of Curating” is a website that serves as a digital, interactive mirror to Hans Ulrich Obrist’s 2014 book of the same title. It was created in partnership with Google Arts & Culture to identify and coalesce a thoughtful selection of his projects from a prolific career curating over 200 art exhibitions. With immersive interaction, whimsical animations, and an artistic, design-focused layout, this site reimagines the often habitual and conformative formats of traditional online portfolios and art catalogs … Read More

Images from “Ways of Curating”