Projects 2017/18

 Below are the four NDSR Art 2017-2018 hosts and their projects.

Exterior view of Mia

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Project: Managing Time-Based Media/Digital Art at (an appropriate) Scale

The NDSR Resident will help the museum effectively assess and address our current needs, and the anticipated surge in digital collections. The Resident will help Mia enhance our capacity to acquire, manage, preserve and provide access to the digital art collections over time; recommend technical solutions for management and preservation; and oversee the initial implementation of the new policies, procedures and systems. In the final stage of their residency, the Resident will train Mia staff to carry forward what they have helped put in place. By developing Mia’s capabilities to preserve and manage its digital collections, the residency’s outputs will facilitate our users’ exploration of these complex artworks, addressing the expectations of today’s audiences to engage with rich digital content and the latest artistic creations. The foundational framework created during the residency will also ensure the preservation and viability of these art works into the future.

Final ReportNDSR Art Resident Erin Barsan

PMA Exterior View

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Project: Planning for Time-Based Media Artwork Preservation

The NDSR Resident will be responsible for researching issues regarding time-based media that will come out of the assessment. The Resident will help to create a foundational roadmap to inform Museum staff of best practices, standards, tools, equipment, software, hardware, metadata and other technical needs imperative for the preservation of time-based media art in a sustainable and accessible way. This roadmap will be focused initially on digital time-based media art, however, it will also be applied to any analog time-based artworks that are migrated to a digital format in the future.

Final ReportNDSR Art Resident Elise Tanner

Fisher Fine Art Library, Exterior View

University of Pennsylvania

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Project: To Capture and Keep!: Establishing Preservation Practices for Born Digital Art Collections and Projects at Penn

To help the Penn Libraries identify and prepare born-digital and digitized art-related assets for archiving and preservation. This residency focuses on three distinct areas, critical to the arts, falling within the larger theme of digital preservation. The resident will develop metadata guidelines and input workflows for the preservation and stewardship of archived web collections, engage in a series of immersive studies to develop recommendations/priorities for the inclusion of arts-related born digital assets into Penn’s institutional repositories, and take aim at the issues and challenges surrounding arts-related publications served through new and emerging platforms such as Apps, interactive e-books, journals published through YouTube, Issu, journals published exclusively for iPads, etc., so as to consider how today’s arts research library can acquire, maintain, and preserve said publication types.

Final ReportNDSR Art Resident Coral Salomón

YCBA Exterior

Yale Center for British Art

Location: New Haven, CT
Project: A New Paradigm for Preserving Born-Digital Art Collection Records

This project will use the digital preservation system, workflows, and procedures implemented by the Yale Center for British Art’s Institutional Archives as a guide for developing and executing a digital preservation plan to ensure the integrity, accessibility, and usability of the museum’s born-digital art collection-related records permanently held by departments other than the museum’s archives. In the past, the museum’s collection-related records were analog and could be stored and organized relatively easily by any department. The preservation of born-digital records, however, requires additional expertise and action at an early stage in order to ensure preservation. This project aims to document how these born-digital records can be properly stewarded according to professional digital preservation standards, while retaining the level of immediate access and flexibility required by the records creators.

Final ReportNDSR Art Resident Cate Peebles


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